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Cured In Place Piping
(C.I.P.P.) Trenchless 

If you need to replace pipes that are damaged and broken in your yard but you don’t want to tear up your yard to do it, then Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining is a trenchless method of pipe repair that may be perfect for you.

CIPP uses a felt-like liner and a liquid resin to literally create a new seamless pipe inside the already existing broken/damage pipe.

Advanced Sewer Solutions Inc. CIPP process starts like this:

Video Inspection

Before we put a new pipe in the old one, we want to make sure we know and you know, what the problem is.  We put a scope thru your lines to discover and pinpoint the problem.  We’ll then show you what is causing the problem, then offer the appropriate solution.


Pipe Cleaning/Clearing

Once we determine the problem, we can use high-pressure water to clear out any roots or blockages that may be in your pipe.  This clears the pipe of any debris before the new pipe liner is installed.


Installation and Curing

After measuring and cutting the correct length, the process starts with the wet-out stage.  The liner is impregnated with a resin mixture of epoxy and hardener.  the liner is then inverted into the existing pipe with air pressure.  The resin will now be on the outside of the liner.  After the inversion, a calibration tube is inverted inside the liner.  This liner is then filled with hot water or steam, pushing the liner against the original pipe.  The curing agent activates the resin, causing it to harden and form to the existing damaged pipe, creating a new, smooth, jointless, and corrosion-resistant pipe wall.  A remote cutting tool can be inserted to reinstate any branch line connections there may be to the newly lined pipe.

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